Theatre Festival Alfaaz marked its journey in winter days of December 2013. With a motive to rediscover the identity of woman in today’s scenario, team Natyansh presented a solo play ‘Astitva’. Performing a play was not easy to us. Our artists were prepared but we lacked resources to showcase it. We asked many people to support, most of them refused. It is rightly said that where there is a will there is a way. Kabir society supported us and we performed ‘Astitva’ at Maharana Kumbha Auditorium. Hundreds of people lived the show and what happened aftermath inspires us to continue this festival every year.

Next day after the show one of our audience called us. He said he was so inspired by the show that he bought a scooty for her daughter. He said he was not in favour to send her daughter out for coaching and tuitions. He was also ignoring the requirement of a two wheeler which his daughter was asking for. Character of Vaidehi was so overwhelmed him that next day he booked scooty for his daughter and called us to say thanks for showing such a wonderful play. This incident motivated us that if play can change perception of one person than the journey must be carry on as it might change other’s perception towards women in our society. This instills a new confidence and we promised to keep our journey forever on.