“The worth of a civilization can be judged by the place given to women in the society.”


We cannot imagine a world without woman. Their love, care, and sacrifice made world a better place to live. So being into theatre, we wished to create and design a program that not only celebrates the strength of a women but also to recognize their importance in our lives. With this motive we started a theatre festival named, ‘ALFAAZ’.

Alfaaz is an initiative to give voice to those thousand untold stories that reveal the suffering of females and how despite of all these difficulties they stand out of the crowd and create milestones.

National Theatre Festival ‘Alfaaz’ is organized every year with a motive to promote woman empowerment. This festival brings theatre art forms of country at a single platform where artists of different places showcase the status of women through a dramatic representation. 

Through the means of interesting theatrical performances, artists and directors make sure that they deliver a very strong message for upliftment of woman. In this, the focus is on plays related to issues and struggle involved in the lives of women. 

The plays performed, bring out a strong message and raise the important questions that are needed to be answered. They portray the ‘status of women in society’.

The festival began in 2013, and has since made its niche in the theatre calendar of Udaipur. Theatre groups from several parts of the country add to the festival’s attraction.