Experts in Many

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Stage Play

Actors present a script in a dramatic form with thought provoking dialogues, actions and emotions in front of audience. Set, property, costume, makeup, lights, music and other technical arrangements add the charm of the performance.

Street Play

With loud voice artists attracts the audience in public places and perform on social issues for mass awareness. No technical arrangement are needed, actors use their voice and body language to spread the message.

Radio Drama

Radio drama is an audio play which leave a mark on your imagination. It is far different from storytelling and book on tape.  It is dramatized with powerful dialogues, music and sound effects which help the listener to imagine the characters and story.

Script Writing

If you are looking for a new story or script, then team natyansh is here for you. We develop ideas and convert them into scripts which is then presented into a dramatic form. Not only script, our experts also helps in creating and making short story, poems, tagline, print ads etc.

Dubbing & Voice Over

Search of professional voice for audio, video or puppets ends with Natyansh. Our artists give voice over and do dubbing in Hindi, English and vernacular languages.

Creative Drama and Acting classes

We have carefully designed drama course for thebeginners. It is not just an acting course, it is a learning program where lifeskills are imparted in a supportive and non-judgmental environment

Social Work

Other than performing plays on social issues, we do organize social welfare activities like plantation, distributing books & toys in orphanage, sharing happiness with people of old age homes etc. We also collaborate with other social groups and volunteer in their program to create a world full of love, peace and humanity.

Documentary/Short Films

From script to artist to production to recording studio, we have an expert team to make documentary and short films on contemporary issues. We also specialize in making commercial advertisements for marketing and branding purpose.

Workshop & Seminars

We designed our workshops according to the need of school or college students, institutions, organisations and corporate houses. Our theatre workshop aims at overcoming stage fright, inhibitions, push physical,mental and creative boundaries and overall development of a person. In theatre workshop, a person is made to explore himself, society, family, surroundings and group-based interaction through various theatre games.


Lectures on theatre and related subjects are given by experts and well known experienced theatre personalities. These seminars helps in gaining deep knowledge on various aspects of theatre. 

Activity Based Workshop

This workshop ranges from 1 day activity to many days as per the need and requirement. It may include story telling with kids or cooperative and non-competitive games for team building, confidence building, personality development, stress bursting, verbal and non- verbal communication, group interaction, or simply to do something other than routine work.

Production Oriented Workshop

Ideally these workshop ranges from 15 to 45 days where students get an open and non-judgmental environment. It includes performance of a play at end of the workshop prepared by the participants.